A great team for 25 years, and now an award

"A wonderful honor to receive."


It's a recognition that has proven humbling, but also worthy of pride, says Kofi Bruce, vice president in Finance for Convenience and Foodservice about Lifeworks naming General Mills its "Employer of the Year" in 2016.

For 25 years, General Mills has teamed with the Minnesota nonprofit that matches adults with disabilities seeking meaningful employment with companies like ours,

We've got passion for our food. And they've got it, too. A win-win relationship for 25 years. (video, 5:40)

We've hired Lifeworks clients who have worked in roles such as stockroom and grounds crew members, janitors, and even lab assistants, proving invaluable to our company.

“Working together and putting people first go hand-in-hand in our partnership with Lifeworks and its clients,” says Bruce.

“This is a wonderful honor to receive. Lifeworks clients care tremendously about doing good work, and we’re happy to have them as part of our team.”

Lifeworks wrote on its website:
“General Mills has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to not only treating each individual with respect, but challenging them every day while also providing opportunities for growth and advancement.”

Each year's winner is determined by an independent committee.

May 2016

Lifeworks clients continue to make an impression on our employees and our culture. They’ve become an integral part of our team.
Lifeworks serves more than 2,500 people with disabilities in Minnesota.


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