Convenient, great-tasting ways to get more protein?

We have it. You might not even be aware of some of the ways to get it.

After water, protein is the most common substance in humans.

Protein needs vary by age, gender and activity, but once you hit your teens you will probably need at least 50 grams a day. 

One of our EPIC Bison Bacon Cranberry bars will give you 11 grams. And you can put it in your pocket.

EPIC  gives you quick, take-along protein. 

Feel your oats

Does cereal have protein? Sure. Partricularly, oats.

Oats have:

  • The highest concentrations of protein among common varieties of whole grains.
  • More soluble fiber than most other whole grains.
  • Unique antioxidants.

Cheerios gives you 3 grams of protein in a serving, not including milk.

Our Cascadian Farm organic Purely O's also has 3 grams of protein, before adding milk.

Another great thing about oats: They are a sustainable crop –  a hardy grain that requires little water to grow.

Portable protein

EPIC gives you a meat-based protein bar.

Then there's natural Nature Valley Protein bars. That's 10 more grams of protein for you.

LÄRABAR has a selection of convenient foods that deliver protein, and with a gluten-free halo.


We have plenty of options when it comes to yogurt, and one is our Mountain High Yoghurt , which makes it easy to get double-digit grams of protein per serving.

Yoplait yogurt now has even more dairy in the recipe, and one serving adds another 5 to 6 grams of protein to your diet each day.

We invested three years and harnessed the knowledge of more than 70 employees on our journey to revise our original Yoplait recipe. Reducing sugar as part of the effort wasn't easy, because sugar appears naturally in milk and fruit. But we did it.

We have more than 200 products that deliver more than 10 percent of your daily protein needs.