Sustainable sourcing

Our sustainability mission is to treat the world with care.

We are committed to sustainably sourcing 100% of our 10 priority ingredients by 2020 – representing more than 50% of our annual raw material purchases.

We continue to make progress toward this commitment.

Our goal is to protect the resources upon which our business depends by promoting environmentally and socially responsible practices across our entire value chain.

We are advancing sustainable agriculture, strengthening responsible practices, and improving the transparency and traceability of food supply chains.

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We hold ourselves and our suppliers to the same level of compliance expectations for respecting human rights in our supply chains.

We have:

  • Launched our Policy on Human Rights, which describes our broad approach and commitments in this area. Our supply chain is a primary focus. 
  • Updated our Supplier Code of Conduct to address emerging issues and our responsible sourcing requirements. 
  • Joined the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) to further improve our understanding of supplier segmentation and the issues we face in this area.

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