Sugar beets


We collaborate with farmers and industry partners to improve the sustainability of growing sugar beets.

The Red River Valley of Minnesota and North Dakota is the largest sugar beet growing region in the U.S. 

Sustainability challenges in the sugar beet supply chain are similar to those for growing wheat, including the need to reduce GHG emissions and soil loss.

General Mills launched a sustainability pilot program with Field to Market, Syngenta, American Crystal Sugar and local growers in 2013.

The program includes all rotational crops in the Red River Valley, including sugar beets, corn, soy and wheat. 

Progress on sustainability

In 2015 – the third year of our sugar beet partnership in the Red River Valley growing region – we continued working with farmers to collect additional data that will be used to measure continuous improvement.

We are moving ahead with efforts to expand participation in the program through discussions with potential partners in other regions where we buy sugar beets.

We are actively pursuing engagements in other supplemental sourcing regions, including Michigan, Southern Minnesota and California.

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